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Leaders in prevention education, Darkness to Light and Monique Burr Foundation for Children offer a total training solution to protect children. Through Prevent 360°, you can access both adult and child-focused training and comprehensive support solutions to help keep children safe.


Combined, our programs include complementary language and strategies, so adults and children have a common language to talk about sexual abuse and other types of victimization. Both organizations are committed to using ongoing program evaluations to ensure efficacy. 


Darkness to Light offers six programs that are built off their evidence-informed approach, the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ which provides simple and practical actions adults can take to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.


From learning to talk to kids about body safety, to child sex trafficking, to mandated reporting, to bystander intervention - adults can learn to effectively prevent and intervene in abuse. Learn more about Darkness to Light's programs here.

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Monique Burr Foundation For Children offers four programs that educate and empower children and teens to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to the four types of child abuse, bullying, cyber-bulling, and digital dangers. The programs also cover healthy relationships, relationship abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking.


The foundation for all of Monique Burr Foundation's programs are the 5 Safety Rules and teaching children about Safe Adults. Learn more about their programs here

Prevent 360° Partners

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