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Child Advocacy Centers are vital to the prevention & intervention of child abuse.

As the experts for child and family well-being in your community, offering both adult and child-focused prevention education can increase your Child Advocacy Center's impact and better protect children from abuse and other types of victimization. 

By becoming a Prevent 360° partner, CACs can offer evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that educate and empower both adults and children. This solution provides online, virtual, and in-person offerings, and is available as a standard or customized package.

Want to see how it works? Get access to a free blueprint to see how one CAC integrated Prevent 360° into their services and successfully use the programs together! Download the guide here.


  • Excellent opportunity for CACs to better protect children by offering education before abuse happens and healing after abuse occurs. 

  • ​Provides increased exposure through community outreach.

  • Helps extend your reach in the community by offering varied services.

  • Provides added value to existing relationships you have with schools, law enforcement, and youth-serving organizations.

  • Educates and empowers caregivers and children before abuse occurs, improving community response. 

  • Helps extend resources via custom packages and discounts.

Contact us today to get started with a standard or customized package!


We believe prevention is possible and using Prevent 360° provides consistency in the messaging and makes it easy to train both adults and children. 

- Deb Rosen, Executive Director, Bivona CAC, Rochester, NY

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