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Prevent 360° is ideal for daycares, schools, child advocacy centers, faith-based groups, youth sports, and other youth-serving organizations. The complementary skills and strategies taught through Prevent 360° give children and adults a common language and expectation that can help keep children safe.

There are a range of factors that put children at risk. By addressing these risks on multiple levels, we are able to better prevent and intervene in abuse making this collaborative approach more successful than any single intervention alone. 

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Prevention Levels

Want a more in-depth look at Prevent 360°?

Watch this webinar and hear from the partners on how it works, why it's the complete prevention solution, and how to get started.


Darkness to Light and Monique Burr Foundation for Children are leaders in prevention education. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we have joined forces to better protect children.

We believe:

Children are the priority.

Prevention is everyone's responsibility.

Collaboration is the solution. 

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Prevention Levels

CHILDREN. While everyone agrees it’s an adult’s responsibility to protect children, children can effectively learn strategies to help adults keep them safe. 


ADULTS.  When educated and empowered, adults can use protective behaviors to ensure child safety and talk to children appropriately by establishing a common language.


ORGANIZATIONS. Organizations play a critical role in establishing community initiatives and partnerships to bring awareness and protect children.


COMMUNITIES. Communities can embrace and promote child protection initiatives, organizations, and their efforts to keep children safe.


SOCIETY. Society can prioritize the safety and well being of children and establish and enforce laws that help protect them. 

Preventin Levels
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